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EB-4 and EB-5 Classification for the Green card Process

EB-4 Special Immigrants

The EB-4 classification includes religious workers and employees and former employees
of the U.S. government abroad.

You should be entering the U.S. to work in one of the following capacities:

  • As a minister or priest of your religious denomination;
  • In a professional capacity in a religious vocation or occupation for your religious
    organization (this requires a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent);
  • In a religious vocation or occupation for your religious organization or its nonprofit

EB-5 Immigrant Investors

This visa category is designed for those who invest one million dollars in a new
enterprise that employs at least ten U.S. workers (exclusive of the immigrant, his/her
spouse and sons and/or daughters) or those who invest $500,000 if the investment
is in certain rural areas or an area of unemployment of at least 150% of the national
average. Investor visas for those investing in rural or high unemployment areas
are limited to a maximum of 3,000 every year.

“EB5 investors” obtain permanent resident status on a conditional basis for two
years and then must apply to “remove the condition.”

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